The Stress-Free Grooming Solution

Scaredy Cut offers gentle grooming for sensitive pets.

➧ Does grooming stress out your dog?

➧ Does your dog freak out when handled by strangers?

➧ Does your dog experience any of the following symptoms before, during, or after grooming?

  • Tense muscles
  • Trembling
  • Panting
  • Escape
  • Urination and/or defecation
  • Crouching or cowering close to the ground or trying to hide in a “safe” location
  • Wide open eyes, showing whites
  • Pulled back ears

Scaredy Cut® is the patented, buzzz-free grooming solution for sensitive pets.

  • Groom your pet gently, in the comfort of your home
  • Choose your length: 7 combs included (1/2" to 1")  The 16pc Kit includes a Grooming Guide and Bag
  • Try it then decide: 2-year refund / lifetime replacement
  • Made In The USA
"Mowgli gets vicious toward groomers and vets. To my amazement, he sat perfectly still while I groomed him with Scaredy Cut - he even seemed to enjoy it! - and he looks absolutely adorable."
Tara F.
Owner of Mowgli
"Angel feels more comfortable with her pet parent giving her the Royal Treatment!"
Karen G.
Owner of Angel
"Fox had a great groomer that moved but no one else could handle him. Fox handled Scaredy Cut well and I get to save time, money and aggravation. Thanks!"
Faith W.
Owner of Fox
"Oreo hates the noise of electric razors and would run away and snap at it. Just when I was about to give up hope I found your product."
Jessica L.
Owner of Oreo

Pet Stress Matters.

Like in humans, pet stress adds up. And unfortunately, we often forget about how our actions and decisions affect our pets. 

By using Scaredy Cut instead of buzzing electric clippers, you are removing a harmful stressor from your pet's life.

Choose Your Length.

Scaredy Cut comes with seven guide combs, like the ones found on a traditional electric clipper. Feel confident that you’ll get the length you want, while maintaining an even cut all-around.

Customize Your Comfort.

For your comfort, we've included two sizes of gel finger inserts, so you can customize your snugness level.

Easier grooming, guaranteed.

We take our guarantee seriously. If grooming isn't easier, then we'll happily refund your order.


Start by brushing your pet to relax them.
Make single cuts, holding one lock out at a time. Comb against the fur.
Make rapid cuts to even out the fur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sharpen my Scaredy Cut blades?

In mid-2017, we began manufacturing Scaredy Cut without a serrated blade because it cuts thick fur more easily.

So check your clipper: does it have a serrated lower blade? If it does, you may sharpen the upper blade with a traditional shear sharpener. We don't recommend sharpening the serrated blade.

Do I need to bathe my pet before grooming?

Not at all. Dirty fur will dull blades over time and so our professional advice is to bathe your pet first. However, we believe that your pet's comfort and happiness is ALL that matters, so groom that dirty fuzzball whenever it's a good time for them.

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Scaredy Cut: Made in The USA!

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